The personalities of the Royal Family

It is no wonder there is conflict in the castle!

The personalities of the Royal Family attribute to their diverse approach when solving family issues. Achieving harmony in their relationships is no easy task with such strong and distinct personality types.

Queen Elizabeth with her petite stature is a Mercurian financially astute, tactful, intelligent, clever and a bit mischievous with Martian mixed in to a small degree, accounting for her strength and unwavering focus. She is the poster child for stoic leadership.

Prince Charles is a Saturnian and they are basically loners with an odd temperament, secretive and not particularly social. Leadership is not their priority or passion and Saturnians prefer to pursue intellectual or philosophical paths in life.

Then along came Katherine and William possessing Jupiterian traits, confident and attractive, proud and ambitious. They have a natural elegance and sense of style with appealing personalities and great humanity.

Prince Harry is a Martian mixed with Jupiterian which softens his direct nature yet he is still forthright, energetic, focused but spared of being abrasive. He prefers physical pursuits and challenges, distancing himself from politics. Is somewhat shy. He possesses the bright side of the Martian personality which is the trait of loyalty and commitment to his friendships.

Naturally, that puts them in direct conflict with the prototype and strong Martian personality of Camilla. Camilla in the true Martian sense is relentlessly determined to establish her goal of retaining control and power. She typifies the darker side of the Martian personality in that they are rarely diplomatic and push their peers to the limit when pursuing their end. Abrasive encounters are part of their persona.

Not likely there will be peace in the Kingdom with this family anytime soon. Stay tuned.

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