How It Helps You

What can this site do to help you swim through
the shark-infested waters of today?
A great deal.

It is an excellent guide to determining:
• What profession is suited to your type?
• What a politician really is like and why?
• How to interface with your boss and co-workers.
• How to handle difficult people tactfully.
• How to best guide your children by encouraging their best traits and skills.
• How to negotiate with anyone and win your point.
• How to adjust your expectations of others to become more realistic.
• How to achieve a harmonious marriage.

Wouldn’t it be great to arrive at an interview and “know” the best way to present your qualifications because you “know” by observing the interviewer the correct way to position yourself to him or her:  whether to be brief and concise, whether to be meticulous in  your relating your skills or if that would bore someone who only wants to hear the bottom line…and briefly from you.  What judgment they are making as you speak and why and when to self-correct when you notice (and you MUST notice) that it is not going well…that you are losing their interest.

This personality analysis will empower you on deciding with whom to spend the rest of your life with.  It is far more reliable than astrology when analyzing whether you and a potential mate might be compatible.  You have advance warning of what the issues will be down the road based on who you are and who they are.  You know how to communicate with them effectively and painlessly.

How to have the confidence in your friendships to know that you are maintaining a relationship without having it turn into an annoyance.  Expecting a friend to react to a situation out of their personality safe zone.  Understanding why they may not be able to commiserate with you, or hesitate to assist you with a problem because their perspective is not your perspective.

Predicting personality is a valuable tool and technique that protects you
from unnecessary expectations, anger, frustration at being unable
to understand the basic construction of someone’s character,
anticipate reactions and forgive fellow humans
for what they may simply not be capable of providing. 

It is a vision outside of yourself.  


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