Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Last Man/Woman Standing 

Martians are represented in the Fortune 500 of Executive lists as well as the Military. This type achieves success through persistence, focus, courage and determination, hard work and is generally found in every walk of life, providing the strength and direction to the business community, the army, the Church, and anywhere they can apply their boundless energy. They are steadfast and loyal friends and allies and possess firm opinions. Martians are unwavering in their beliefs and not easily restrained from their pursuits.  Diplomacy is not their strength, they are people of few words, direct, and straightforward in their conversations with others and prefer to “get to the bottom line” quickly and “say it like it is,” not realizing they are perceived as abrasive and sometimes insensitive.   Patience is also not their virtue. If others drone on with long explanations or stories they are annoyed as they have a quick grasp of situations and want to get to the point. Of all of the types, they are the bravest, willing to pursue their cause to the bitter end and are leaders of  men and women, making excellent generals.

Martians are “soldiers for their cause. They either engage in field of combat mentally or physically by aggression or staunch resistance and seek to overcome opposition at any cost.  They are quick to engage and enlist in a battle, either physically or one of wits and will push with vigor against those who oppose them.  There are diverse levels of the Martian type and a range of dispositions in dealing with the mental or the physical world.  There are two kinds of “fighters”: the Martians  that are the aggressors and force issues, and those that act in self-defense when pressure is put on them.  They are steadfast in their purpose and refuse to be beaten, they do not understand the words “no” or “defeat” and will stubbornly resist any and all obstacles they encounter.

Professions:  Fortune 500 CEO’s,  military, generals or admirals, politicians, law enforcement occupations, pilots, captains, church hierarchy, sports figures

Physical Characteristics: Body characteristics: they are of medium height, very strongly built, have a square frame without a well-defined waistline, are muscular, and they stand erect with their broad shoulders held stiffly back.  Their head is smaller than larger and they have a pronounced development of the lower base of the brain with a smaller forehead.  This type has a short and strong neck and a broad expansive chest. Martians have strong, muscular legs, shorter in proportion to other types and walk with a firm footstep.

Facial Characteristics: Their face is round or square in shape with thicker skin which can sometimes be described as slightly ruddy.  The eyes of the Martian are a telling feature as they are bold looking (vary between small and round to slightly larger), having a bright expression appearing to be staring directly at you.  Their nose is either long and straight or “Roman” and is sometimes turned up slightly at the end. Martians have a broad chin, firm and strong is usually found with small ears. The Martian’s voice is strong and resonant and suggests power in both male and female.  Sometimes it can tend to be raspy as they are prone to throat and bronchial irritation.  The Martian has square hands, fingers shorter in proportion to their palm which is thicker, firm with straight thumbs.  Their hands are not flexible.

Health:  Martians have a robust constitution but are prone to bronchitis, laryngitis and issues with their vocal chords.

Colors:  Red, orange, gold, sometimes electric blue

Lifestyle:  The Martian type is generous with their money but enjoy spending it on their friends and luxuries.  They are not hoarders and seek money for what it will buy for them rather than for the sake of having money itself and accumulating wealth.  They are fortunate to attract many friends and admirers, whom they value and support.  A Martian is the most steadfast and loyal friend for life that you can have.  They are often misunderstood by others who do not know them because of their straightforward, often brusque manner and lack of tact, which may in some Martians may falsely make them appear to be not refined and sensitive.

Martians are affectionate and amorous.  When they fall in love it is with intensity and ardor.  They make devoted husbands and wives.  They thoroughly enjoy food, prefer plain solid food to gourmet delicacies and have an excellent appetite.  They are physical types and must be active therefore enjoying sports such as gymnastics, softball, football, wrestling and boxing.  It must be noted that “fair play” is their mantra.  They believe that the best man/woman should win. Martians’ preferences in artwork are sports scenes, colorful modern paintings, hunting and battle scenes or historic prints.  They read biographies, tales of heroes and heroines, and historical novels.  In music they enjoy fiery songs, marching and brass bands, and rock.

Faults:  Because they are a strong personality they can become overbearing and domineering.  A tendency to tunnel vision and stubbornly digging their heels in without considering the point of view of others is a possibility.  Some Martians have a coarser skin and reddish tone to their hands, combined with broad nails. And these types have a temper.

Following are some examples of newsworthy or famous people who share some of the physical characteristics of this personality type.
General Patton, George Bush, President Theodore Roosevelt, Senator Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Richard Nixon, Roseanne, Angela Merkle – German Chancellor, Winston Churchill, Rick Perry, Rosie O’Donnell, Mayor Daley, Prince Harry, Ernest Hemingway, Pope Benedict, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity,  Sharon Osbourne


All pictures are of individuals in the public eye and are utilized purely as recognizable examples of the specific types. Those individuals in the photographs do not endorse or should be considered as an implied endorsement of Personality Predictors.

Photo Credits:
Prince Harry—Debby Wong/
Hillary Clinton—stocklight/
George W. Bush—Christopher Halloran/
Rosie O’Donnell—Featureflash/
Sharon Osbourne—Featureflash/


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