The Lost Self After Narcissism

Marcia_PhotoStrip_Saturn2OPTThis is a personality trait that is most common in some Saturnians, sometimes Mercurians depending on the level of their character. It is a flaw that is intrinsic in their DNA and likely a trait they cannot overcome as by nature they are not social and focus on their philosophy of life and agenda without regard for others believing only they know all the answers.

Society is a narcissists playground. They are capable of changing to suit their own environment, with skill and precision. Feeling they are above the law, almost god like, in a world in which they believe themselves to be far superior, with grandiose egos full of self absorption. They need others to project from and mirror their behaviors because they only have a false sense of self. Narcissist don’t know how to be true to themselves, they are not authentic, and real. They take no accountability no responsibility and will never have any regret or remorse. They are toxic individuals who prey upon others, and have been able to master the art of deceit.

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