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Among the most fortunate “lucky” types.  They are usually loved by all and have a magnetic personality.  Tall, attractive, charming, highly intuitive.  Apollos have the gift of making a brilliant show no matter how little they know about a subject.  Additionally they are perceptive and read other people well because they are highly intuitive.  They are spontaneous, versatile, happy, genial and attractive. Apollos have a love of the beautiful and artistic in everything. They are generally healthy, vigorous people  identified by the great versatility of personality.  They are inventive and can present old ideas in compelling new ways Life of the party and sought by all.  Love luxury. They are opposite of the Saturnian and provide the lightheartedness in the world.

Apollos manage to speak brilliantly on subjects they have not labored over researching. Not great students…they do not enjoy research or in depth intellectual pursuits….but then, with their overpowering charm and ability to speak on and captivate an audience, they do not feel the need to expend this effort. They are forgiven all their transgressions in life.

Professions:  They can adapt themselves to most any situation and morph into whatever field they are working in astonishing those they work with by their seeming mastery of any particular subject.  Apollos are highly successful in business as they are capable of sensing the trends and demands of the public and have a trained eye for goods in the retail arena.  Their taste is impeccable.    They are excellent Agents at discovering talent but themselves do not have the creative focus or energy to be a committed artist.  However quite often they succeed as actors because they are physically attractive and enjoy celebrity.  Success is natural to them in whatever endeavors they pursue partially because of their magnetic personality. Their love of art and music often lead them to become art critics or promoters.

Physical Characteristics:  Body Characteristics: They are handsome, of medium height falling between the Jupiter and Saturnian but sometimes can be taller. They are shapely, muscular and athletic but not fleshy or heavy. The lines of their body are graceful curves, light and supple.  Another feature that distinguishes the Apollo is that that have a spring to their step because of high insteps and graceful, well proportioned legs.  The structure of their hand is refined with longer rather than shorter fingers in relation to the palm with rounded tips, not knotty and overall attractive.  The type of hand and finger structure determine the influencing characteristics of this type.  Their thumbs are generally flexible and curved which provides them with the spontaneity of their personality.

Facial Characteristics: The Apollo has a pink color tone with a clear complexion.  The texture of their hair is wavy, thick, blond or auburn in color and is fine. Their eyes are large, almond shaped, brown or blue with long lashes, and have a frank, honest expression, sparkling and brilliant. Their nose is finely shaped and their cheeks are full, firm and rounded with a shapely rounded chin that does not protrude.  The Apollo neck is long and well shaped, muscular not showing the adams apple.  They have a voice that is not resonant, but musical in tone.

Health:  Rarely have health issues as they have a robust constitution but can encounter heart weakness late in life.  Prone to weak eyes

Colors: Bright and pure colors, blues, turquoise, yellow green, pink, magenta

Lifestyle:  There is no doubt that Apollos lead a charmed life.  Since success is natural to them and they are socially sought after, many of their successes come by way of those admirers willing to assist them. They attain high positions and although they are financially successful, they are not adept at saving.  Their tastes are luxurious and they are willing to spend to satisfy them.  They are generally kind people, do not hold grudges (in fact they often have the ability to win over their worst enemy) and enjoy engaging large circles of friends in conversations as they like to hear themselves talk.  They do not make lasting friends, but have an extensive social circle.  Entertaining is paramount and the enjoy banquets, celebratory events, and traveling the world.  Apollos are quick to marry making spontaneous choices and want a mate to shine in society with him but often is not committed to a long term relationship as they are easily bored and distracted by new possibilities and easily disappointed in their choices.  Though they are warm, kind and loving they are changeable and not constant. As a lover of beauty their homes are filled with fine furniture and artwork.

Faults: This type craves notoriety and if they do not succeed by overestimating themselves they become bitter and revengeful.  They imagine that there are those who conspire against them.  However this type rarely becomes criminal in any way.  They can lose all of their funds by their extravagance and lack of financial planning.  As a result, they can have a tendency to gambling or foolish speculating.

Following are some examples of newsworthy or famous people who share “some” of the physical characteristics of this personality type.
Bill Clinton (mixed with Jupiter), Doris Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gregory Peck, Robert Redford, Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Redford, Zac Efron (mixed with Mercurian), Katy Couric (mixed with Mercurian), Shepherd Smith


All pictures are of individuals in the public eye and are utilized purely as recognizable examples of the specific types. Those individuals in the photographs do not endorse or should be considered as an implied endorsement of Personality Predictors.

Photo Credits:
Jennifer Aniston—Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com
Zac Efron—Featureflash/Shutterstock.com
Simon Cowell—s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
Brad Pitt—cinemafestival/Shutterstock.com
Bill Clinton—stocklight/Shutterstock.com

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