The Loner

Encountering a pure Saturnian is fairly rare.  They are often a mixture of another personality type that influences their behavior and character traits.  They are among the most misunderstood of the 7 personality types and must be regarded as having a special place in humanity as the necessary “balance wheel” in society.

Saturnians are intellectual, analytical, sober, cautious, secretive, prudent, wise, and avoid socializing. A Saturnian is a peculiar person with sober qualities. They always look before leaping.  Many Saturnians are high minded, deep thinkers like Abraham Lincoln.  Generally they are more pessimistic than optimistic (glass is half empty) and have a darker view of matters. Saturnians are not especially social and prefer solitude. They may often be viewed as a “wet blanket” socially since they lack the ability to enter into the spirit of an event. They are often investigative, pursue the minutia, like to solve complex problems and are professorial.

By nature this type is scientific and a philosophical, mathematically gifted and are some of the finest musical composers. Saturnians do not like to be contradicted.  They can be skilled in oration but also dogmatic in their beliefs and inflexible in their point of view and in pursing their agenda and are sometimes evolve as rebels.  Saturnians hold enthusiasm in check and keep all other types from going too fast and being carried away with excessive spirit.  They are a balance wheel in society.

Professions: Saturnians gravitate toward scientific professions, lab research, mathematical research, complex musical composition, make excellent detectives, mystery writers, serious “character actors,” and rarely but are sometimes political notables if mixed with another personality type. They would not enjoy or tolerate participating in campaigns, but would serve diligently if appointed. Other professions that attract Saturnians are:  Chemistry, Horticulture, Botany, Architectural Exploration, IT software programmer, Biology, Ministry. They also have a mystical and superstitious streak which leads to pursuing Occult studies. Saturnians are generally attracted to any profession where they are called upon to be problem solvers as they are deep and true scientists by nature and go beyond obvious shallow conclusions.

Physical Characteristics: They are the tallest and the thinnest of all of the types and are gaunt in overall appearance, having narrow frames. Saturnians have dark, thick, black hair.  Their complexion tends to be yellowish or pale rather than rosy. The face of the Saturnian could be described as “hatchet-shaped” with high prominent cheekbones and sunken cheeks.  They have thick eyebrows over deep set eyes with a sad subdued expression. Their nose is long and straight and lips are thin. The Saturnian has a long neck exposing the Adam’s apple. They have high shoulders and poor posture, often stooped. Their hands are thin and narrow, often with long knotty fingers and hard in texture.

Health: There is a tendency to be susceptible to arthritis, Rheumatism, Varicose Veins; their lower limbs are their weak points of their body.  They are also inclined to respiratory infections. They are predisposed to depression.

Colors:  Saturnians favor grey, black, browns and very muted dark shades of dark blues.

Lifestyle:  By nature Saturnians are loners.  They avoid social interaction and prefer their solitude.  They prefer the country to the city. They are too suspicious to go into business with partners, instead prefer to invest in real estate and buildings than stocks and bonds as they are instinctively conservative. Saturnians resist restrictions and rules, triggering them to rebel if rubbed the wrong way. However their conservatism restrains them from getting caught up in unreal causes.  They prefer lecturing to conversing and are profound when they do speak. They are not great lovers of art in general and prefer landscapes.  This type enjoys ghost stories and mysteries for pleasure. Saturnians watch their budget and do not indulge in extravagant purchases, driving a practical and simple car.  Often, Saturnians do not marry, they are committed bachelors or bachelorettes.

Faults: In the extreme scale they will tend to be morbid, melancholy, gloomy, pessimistic and stingy. If they were to have any anti-social tendencies they would be anarchists, impose their views on others.  They become chronic opposers of everything, no matter what it is; they are against it and are dogmatic in defense of their position. Sometimes their isolation and oddities cause them to remove themselves from society in a hermit-like existence.

The following famous and newsworthy people have many of the physical characteristics of a Saturnian and generally share “some” of the traits of the personality type.
Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama (mixed with Jupiter), Mitt Romney (mainly Jupiterian with a some Saturnian) Edgar Allen Poe, Sherlock Holmes, Robert Pattinson, Hugh Hefner (mixed with some Mercurian), John Lennon, Art Garfunkel, Prince Charles, Sherlock Holmes, Hugh Grant, Prince Charles John Lennon, Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie


All pictures are of individuals in the public eye and are utilized purely as recognizable examples of the specific types. Those individuals in the photographs do not endorse or should be considered as an implied endorsement of Personality Predictors.

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Hugh Laurie—Phil Stafford/
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