Wall Street “Show Me The Money” Meets
Hollywood “Let Me Entertain You.”

Mercurians are the quickest, most adroit and active of all of the types.  Clever, financially astute, they make excellent diplomats.  They think on their feet and can be cunning when the situation requires it.  Mercurians are skilled and proficient at precision games, fond of oratory, tactful and adroit.  They are persuasive and shrewd. Mercurians are born mathematicians and experts in finance.  There is no puzzle they cannot solve.  This type has tireless energy (sometimes are high strung and anxious) but are generally successful in most endeavors as they are a gifted judge of human nature.

Professions:  Mercurians dominate the fields of law, medicine( physicians), finance, are natural entrepreneurs, abundant in the field of entertainment as comedians, actors, writers. They are clever managers and know how to stay in the background having others do their bidding and are capable of turning all situations to their advantage, losing no opportunities. As Physicians, they are excellent diagnosticians coupled with their scientific aptitude. As Lawyers, they possess the keenness of seeing a question from many sides coupled their intuitive skill of judging their opponent’s weakness which provides them with a superior advantage in presenting a case.  As actors, their powers of mimicry and imitation enable them to create and morph into convincing and realistic characters. As Magicians they reign supreme like the Great Houdini & David Copperfield.

Physical Characteristics: Body Characteristics:  Mercurians are small in stature, compactly built and are always tidy in appearance.  They have an intense stance giving the impression that they are  always ready to spring to action.  Generally they do not gain weight until later in life and are on the thinner and slightly built side. However they are described as “wirey”, surprising others with their unexpected strength which is not often called upon in their mental world.  Overall they are well proportioned agile and quick. Most Mercurians have flexible hands reinforcing their elasticity of mind and the qualities of the type. Short fingers add to the quickness of seizing an opportunity and being decisive in action.

Facial Characteristics:  Their face is often oval in shape with a somewhat pointed, sharp chin and ears.  They have varying colors of hair but often it is darker in color, sometimes auburn and dark, sharp eyes.  If they are male and grow a beard it would be in the VanDyke fashion. When looking at others, they look directly and intensely at the person they are speaking with (as though they are looking through you) because they are likely estimating who you are.  The voice of the Mercurian is of medium volume and good carrying quality.

Health:  Most inclined to anxiety because of their intensity and high strung nervous energy and the mental stress they are prone to.  Their minds are overactive. They are basically healthy but inclined to back, stomach and mild liver disorders. Meditation would help but this type is not likely to sit still long enough for it to be effective.

Colors:  Greens, Shades of Beige, Browns

Lifestyle:  Mercurians are even tempered, love family and children and make dependable friends .  They are fond of the opposite sex but their focus is mental, as this type is not particularly sensual or amorous. However, they marry early in life, generally choosing a mate of their type and similar age who is equally energetic, stylish and enjoys life and its adventures.  They make good husbands and wives, are extremely organized, have a well run impeccable, stylish home.  Mercurians like a change of scene and are constantly active, like to travel because they cherish diverse experiences and have a restless side to their nature. Entertaining on a small scale with close friends or business associates or attending family gatherings is their preference.   They love money and are not extravagant, spending carefully and in a controlled fashion, surrounding themselves with fine things that are excellent investments, but are generous with their families. Mercurians are at home as “after dinner speakers” as they express themselves well and say the” right thing at the right time”, which is also why they are some of the most successful comedians and actors. They gravitate to sports that require dexterity and skill rather than brute force such as tennis or soccer.

Faults:  Their natural shrewdness can sometimes lead them to dishonesty because it is so easy for them to outwit their contemporaries and business associates, which is a temptation they may have trouble resisting.  Mercurians are aware that they can cheat and lie with ease and facility and still always find a loophole to crawl through that would exonerate them. They are capable of executing complex schemes if inclined. They also can deteriorate into complainers since their unrealistic expectation and demand for perfection is not often met.

Following are some examples of newsworthy or famous people who share “some” of the physical characteristics of this personality type.
Jerry Seinfeld, Bobby Kennedy, Tim Geitner, David Copperfield, Barbara Walters, Houdini, Ben Stiller, Steve Jobs, Paccio, Richard Bramson, Vladimer Putin, Stephen Speilberg, Kim Kardasian, Helen Murin,Woody Allen, Einstein, Robin Williams, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise


All pictures are of individuals in the public eye and are utilized purely as recognizable examples of the specific types. Those individuals in the photographs do not endorse or should be considered as an implied endorsement of Personality Predictors.

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Tom Cruise—DFree/
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