Sing me a love song.
Joy to the world.
But Family First. 

Venusians are happy joyous and have a pleasant personality: balanced, generous and agreeable as well as fun loving and sympathetic. They are physically attractive (described as beautiful) and at peace with their family and the world, passionate and amorous in love. This is a sensual type. Venusians will never dessert their friends in their hours of need. They are compassionate and unselfish. The comforts of family and home are primary to their nature and they do not desire great wealth or are particularly ambitious beyond embracing their joy of achieving a balanced life.  They are talented, enjoy the melody of music, love to dance and are graceful.  Their pure type is honest and truthful in dealing with their fellow man.  Venusians are born of the earth, grounded and steady as well as having an extensive social life and only seeing the bright side in life.  This type would never commit suicide.

Professions:  They are the life of any company they work for.  Venusians do not value riches or wish to assume responsibility and are found in all walks of life that do not impose stress on this personality.  They write well (are sentimental), are actors and actresses and musicians pursuing careers that will allow them to touch people’s hearts, sometimes taking on  tragic parts that they utilize to skillfully move the audience to tears with the sincerity of their performance. They are drawn to the romance of the light opera (Puccini) and their resonant voice may lead them to become Tenors. They prefer jobs that are structured as they insist on a rhythm in their life, avoiding extremes.

Colors:  There are two pallets of color that appeal to this type.  They love primary colors of pure blue, red, yellow and green.  Sometimes as they are lovers of nature they will wear browns and beige.

Physical Characteristics:

Body type:  They are of medium height, their body is graceful and shapely in both men and women. Venusians have a long and full neck which is shapely and their shoulders may droop slightly.  They are not overly muscular but their bodies can be described as large- chested and having an overall healthy appearance.  Their legs are long, they have high and round hips with small shapely feet and high arches and insteps that provide the elasticity in their walk. Their hands are balanced with finger length in proportion to their palm with broader nails tinged with pink and generally square fingertips that emphasize their practical approach to life.

Facial Features: Their skin is white with some delicate pink color on their cheeks, it is fine and transparent in texture and soft to the touch. The shape of their face is round or oval with no prominent cheekbones and their cheeks are rounded, often showing dimples.  The forehead is free of wrinkles and crows feet only appear late in life.  The hair is abundant, wavy, silky tending to have a fine texture and they do not often grow bald.  A telling feature of Venusians is they have large round or almond shape expressive eyes that reveal their tender nature, many having long eyelashes.  The color can be either brown or blue.  The nose of the Venusian is larger than smaller, possibly curved with broad nostrils.  Their mouth is shaped beautifully with full red lips that are almost bow like. The voice of the Venusian is musical and full.

Health:  Venusians are a healthy type with a strong immune system which is normal to this type and they are not prone to diseases as there are not many chronic ailments attributed to this type.   They of course will suffer the same normal acute diseases that affect everyone but their robust immune system combats them.

Lifestyle:  Venusians view life with a brightness and feel there is much to be thankful for and little to be discouraged about.  They usually marry early in life and make devoted husbands and wives as well as committed parents to their many children and their assortment of pets.  You will find them on the baseball or soccer field as coaches. They participate in charity causes and are volunteers for crisis victims as their heart is large and their sympathy is sincere and deep.  They enjoy social gatherings, family events, melodious music and express themselves in dance. Venusians entertain often as they have great joy in pleasing others and having fun.  They are not profoundly studious, lack seriousness but are loved by all and are content to simply enjoy life and all it has to offer, never holding grudges and only require the basic essentials to have a fulfilled existence and reject the stresses of striving for fame and wealth.  Venusians are hard working. Employees valued for their consistency and ability to interface with others.  Sports as amusement interest them, but they do not set out to the rigors of becoming a hero on the playing fields. An aura of laughter and fun surrounds them. Their homes are decorated in a way that is harmonious with nature with pictures of flowers, beautiful artwork and are comforting environments.

Faults:  It is difficult to attach faults to this type as they are generally so well balanced And free of many of the extreme tendencies of other types.  They are always agreeable, never fickle, exude kindness, sympathy and tenderness to their friends and family.  Their personality drives away selfishness, coldness and greediness of  others and replaces it with generosity, warmth and love. Occasionally, driven by their desire to get along with everyone and avoid controversy a t all costs, they can be careless in their decisions. Venusians strong physical passions may lead them down some crooked paths and create complications when they are young but this is not common as they control their strong desires and are deeply moral.  Some may fault them for lack of ambition and bypassing the climb up the corporate ladder.  They are not lazy, just disinterested in the brutal competition those goals would create. They have no criminal or suicidal tendencies. As Venusians have a healthy appetite they must guard against a tendency to gain weight.

The following famous and newsworthy people have many of the physical characteristics of a Venusian and generally share “some” of the traits of the personality type. Mike Huckabee, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet , Kevin Costner John Travolta, Patrick Swayze , George Clooney, Elvis Presley, Magic Johnson, Brittany Spears, Justin Beber, Mario Lopez, Maryilyn Monroe, Queen Latifah, Jessica Simpson.


All pictures are of individuals in the public eye and are utilized purely as recognizable examples of the specific types. Those individuals in the photographs do not endorse or should be considered as an implied endorsement of Personality Predictors.

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George Clooney—cinemafestival/
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