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Dream a little Dream for me. 

Imagination defines them.  Their realm is a world of imagination. They live in the mental world.

Their realm is a world of imagination. It is rare to find “pure” Lunarians. Often they are some part or blend of the other personality types.  Lunarians keep other personality types and humanity from becoming too material, gifting us with the ability to see “with the mind’s eye.” They are prominent as authors, poets and playwrights, drawing upon their ability to communicate descriptively in a way that captures images so the readers can form mental pictures with their extensive colorful vocabulary and do have the facility of speech with an impressive vocabulary.  Their works evolve into “living realities.”  They build air castles and often yearn for things beyond their reach. This is why they are great travelers, travel writers and film makers as well as composers. Lunarians are great sailors, as they have a penchant for water. They are naturally nervous, restless, love change and traveling  to exotic locations. They are soothed by and thrive on the murmur of the waves. Physical exertion is distasteful to them, and lack self-confidence in pursuing the more active vocations in the world.  You are not likely to find them in the gym or health club working out.  Lunarians are sensitive and imagine slights from others.

Body Characteristics: The Lunarian is tall, has a fleshy build with soft curves and  is not muscular.  They have thick lower limbs and large feet.  It should be noted that the color of their completion is almost dead white. Lunarians have a slow gait when they walk because of lack of high arches.  Their hands are large, soft in consistency, and often have a small thumb .

Facial Characteristics:  Lunarians have a round head which is broad through the temples, their forehead is low and sometimes almost bulges over the eyebrow.  They have fine hair (almost straggly) which is usually straight and blond or light brown with eyebrows that are scant.  Their eyes are often watery, round and pale, staring in appearance (not sparkly), luminous and can protrude.  The color of their eyes is a commonly a very pale blue, although depending on the ethnicity they can also be a dull brown. Their nose is small, turns up at the end with nostrils exposed (a pug nose). Lunarians have a smaller mouth with larger teeth.  Their neck is flabby and fleshy in consistency and they are prone when aging to develop a double chin.  Lunarians have small ears that are close to their head and a high-pitched voice, thin in volume.

Health:  Potential weakness: anemia, kidney problems and weak heart are health problems that can be encountered.  Peritonitis is a possibility if their immune system is compromised and in some instances women have female and are possibly prone to reproductive issues. Their imagination and nervous nature can propel them into a depressed frame of mind.

Colors:  Aqua blue, muted greens

Professions:  Authors, poets, musicians, professors of language (they are great linguists) or history, sailors, travel writers, composers, screenwriters, lecturers.  Some Lunarians are students of the occult and consider themselves to possess psychic abilities.

Lifestyle:  Lunarians do not avoid marriage.  But their choices are not determined by passion, as they are colder by nature and not affectionate.  They are known to marry someone much older or younger than they are and can make peculiar matches.  As they are naturally fickle, restless and selfish, constancy is not one of their virtues.  They do not entertain often, preferring to be at their computer writing their latest novel or prose and are not generally social. Water is important to them so they do take sojourns to the beach (when it isn’t crowded) or cast off on their sailboat.  Their solitary ways allow them to create. They communicate by conveying ideas through their writing, and sometimes lectures as they do have the ability to mesmerize through their colorful vocabulary. They can be brilliant speakers. Lunarians have an ability to speak many languages. Traveling the world with a preference of cruising and taking journeys by water for the purpose of experiencing other cultures is a primary part of their personality which fuels their imagination.  They must not be constrained and are compelled to see beyond the limited horizon. They prefer a variety of interesting food tending to enjoy offerings from other countries.  In art their preference is anything representative of nature, water scenes, birds, flowers and animals that elevate their imagination.  Classical music is their favorite along with some operas.

Faults:  Lunarians can become selfish and deceitful and a prisoner to their over-imagination, letting it run rampant to the point where they become disconnected with the real world and suffer depression, are gloomy or despondent. Since their mental world dictates and they are not physical they can become idle dreamers who are lazy preferring to live in the clouds and not the constraints of earth.  Lunarians by nature are superstitious and this can lead them to having distorted views.

Following are some examples of newsworthy or famous people who share some of the physical characteristics of this personality type.
Alfred Hitchcock, Truman Capote, Elton John, Michael Moore, George Lucas, Cee Lo Green


All pictures are of individuals in the public eye and are utilized purely as recognizable examples of the specific types. Those individuals in the photographs do not endorse or should be considered as an implied endorsement of Personality Predictors.

Photo Credits:
Alfred Hitchcock—akva/
Cee Lo Green—s_bukley/
Elton John—anyamuse/
Michael Moore—cinemafestival/
George Lucas—cinemafestival/

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