How It Works

A More Comprehensive Tool for Character Analysis
Than Body Language

Character Analysis can empower you.  It is more accurate than Astrology or other methods of determining who you are.   There are only so many variations and combinations of faces and body types and they span the globe and I have narrowed them down to 7 basic types.  It is indeed true to a great extent that people who look alike have similar behavior patterns: variance in gait, walk, physiognomy, voice, temperament.  Each person carries with them the history of their life and those ancestors who walked the earth before them.  It is readable to the initiated.  Every analogy drawn between the physical and the mental world is true because nature is so harmonious.

This method is personal to the individual.  That is not to say that all people fit perfectly into a mold; many people are combinations of several personality categories and more of a challenge to analyze.

Remember, this is NOT A SCIENCE BUT AN ART.  It will, however, benefit you in your daily life. It is based on my unique method of observation and guidelines established by the Art of Physiognomy. Personality Predictors is a system I have utilized for 30 years after intensive study with several masters of Physiognomy, which is its basis. Over the years, I have expanded on this art and perfected many of the components and found the combination of facial features and body types determine behavior patterns.

This is a system of determining character and personality types of people of all ethnicities that is FAR MORE COMPREHENSIVE AND ACCURATE than the “body language” method. It is an art more than a science and is effective in determining the overall personality of anyone.

Most importantly, it is a great tool to educate us and promote understanding of what to anticipate from an individual, how to ameliorate our reactions, how to not better promote tolerance of others’ personalities so we can communicate in a more effective manner. It can empower anyone to achieve a better understanding of their fellow man/woman.  It works!

I have utilized these tools which combine facial characteristics and body types to assist businesses confronted with customer service face-to-face challenges, real estate agents to provide a quick study tool on what their client’s preferences might lean toward, and how to better direct their efforts.  I have been licensed with Sotheby’s agencies in New York and Orlando for 28 years and presented this tool at various sales meetings and seminars to business executives, attorneys for jury selection,

Movie producers, without realizing it, utilize this tool all of the time when they select actors who “look” like the type of character for the role they want to portray.

It is a tool that relies on learned observation.  I have been perfecting this art for 30 years since I first tutored under Milan Bulovic in Chicago, who was educated by the masters and conducted extensive research on the subject.  This knowledge and the approach is exclusive to me.

I want to help YOU analyze personalities, allow you to read their character so you can interface with people more successfully.  It is a process that will aid you in your life and career. It can help you understand yourself.  Anyone with the patience and powers of observation and learning the techniques I outline in my newsletters can educate themselves to become proficient at this character analysis system.


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