Personality Types

There are 7 Basic Types of Personalities

Most people regardless of ethnicity fit into these categories or a combination of the 7 types. By observing similar facial and body combination as a composite, it can be determined what personality you best fit. The 7 personality types are:


Many Jupiterians are found between the covers of Fortune 500. They are ambitious and the leader of men and are designed to command. They have great ambition, pride of their position in society, are confident and attractive, naturally religious. Despite their vanity, they are warm hearted and this is exhibited by their feeling for humanity. Generosity is one of their traits. Often extravagant in their lifestyle. Read More

John F. Kennedy Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior, Sarah Palin, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King (mixed), Douglas MacArthur, Franklin Roosevelt,  Diane Keaton, Herman Cain, Simon Cowell, Governor Christy, Randy Jackson, Martha Stewart, Meryl Streep, John Wayne (mixed with Martian), President Bill Clinton(mixed with Apollo), Mitt Romney(mixed with Saturnian), Barack Obama who is primarily Saturnian with Jupitarian, Mitt Romney is Jupiterian mixed with Saturnian, Prince William, Princess Diana was Jupiterian and Saturnian, Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump (mixed with Martian), George Washington


Saturnians are intellectual, analytical, sober, cautious, secretive, prudent, wise and avoid socializing. A Saturnian is a peculiar person with sober qualities. They always look before leaping. Many Saturnians are high minded, deep thinkers like Abraham Lincoln. Generally they are more pessimistic than optimistic (glass is half empty) and have a darker view of matters. Saturnians are not especially social and prefer solitude. They may often be viewed as a “wet blanket” socially since they lack the ability to enter into the spirit of an event. They are often investigative, pursue the minutia, like to solve complex problems and are professorial. Read More

Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama (mixed with Jupiter), Mitt Romney (mainly Jupiterian with a some Saturnian), Edgar Allen Poe, Sherlock Holmes, Robert Pattinson, Hugh Hefner (mixed with some Mercurian), John Lennon, Art Garfunkel, Prince Charles, Sherlock Holmes, Hugh Grant, Prince Charles John Lennon, Hugh Laurie, Ashton Kucher


Their world is the world of imagination and creativity. Great authors. When they convey ideas through film or books they have the gift of communication ideas that stimulate mental pictures. Excellent vocabulary. Can be flighty and unconventional. Also great travelers and travel editors. They find it hard to settle down and are restless, require change. Not physically energetic. Melancholy. Can be selfish. It is rare to find a pure Lunarian. Read More

Alfred Hitchcock, Truman Capote, Elton John, Michael Moore, George Lucas, Cee Lo Green


Focused, determined, courageous, some of our greatest Generals were Martians. Aso CEO’s that are Martians are found in Fortune 500 pages. Enjoy robust health, push it to the limits to achieve success and are relentless in pursuit of their goals often accused of “tunnel vision”. Can have a strong temper. Not easily restrained from their pursuit. Brave. True friend. Not diplomatic or especially eloquent. Comment: This is why George Bush was a great “wartime president” and it was natural to his type to be a man of few words … they say it like it is and do not censor their thoughts and do not realize they are sometimes abrasive. Read More

General Patton, President George Bush, President Theodore Roosevelt, Senator Ted Kennedy, Hilary Clinton, Mayor Daley (both), John McCain, Richard Nixon, Rosanne, Angela Merkle – German Chancellor, Winston Churchill, Rick Perry, Rosie O’Donnell, Mayor Daley, Prince Harry, Hemingway, Pope Benedict, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Jack Nicholson


Among the most fortunate “lucky” types. They are usually loved by all and have a magnetic personality. Tall, attractive, charming, highly intuitive. Apollos have the gift of making a brilliant show no matter how little they know about a subject. Perceptive and read other people well. Great versatility of personality. They are inventive and can present old ideas in compelling new ways Life of the party and sought by all. Love luxury. They are opposite of the Saturnian. Apollos manage to speak brilliantly on subjects they have not labored over researching. Not great students…they do not enjoy research or in depth intellectual pursuits….but then, with their overpowering charm and ability to speak on and captivate an audience, they do not feel the need to expend this effort. They are forgiven all their transgressions in life. Read More

Bill Clinton, Doris Day, some part of bill O’Reilly and Barak Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gregory Peck, Robert Redford, Jennifer Aniston,  Robert Redford, President Bill Clinton (1/2 Jupiterian)


Quickest and most active of all the types. Clever, financially astute, excellent diplomats as they think on their feet, can be cunning. Highly intuitive with a sharp mind. Agile. Skilled at precision games. Fond or oratory, tactful and adroit. Persuasive and shrewd. A born mathematician, there is no puzzle he cannot solve. They make excellent actors as well as accountants, magicians, entertainers, nervous and restless, electric energy level. Read More

Jerry Seinfeld, Bobby Kennedy, Tim Geitner, David Copperfield, Barbara Walters, Houdini, Ben Stiller, Steve Jobs,Paccio, Richard Bramson, Vladimer Putin, Stephen Speilberg, Kim Kardasian, Helen Murin,Woody Allen, Einstein, Robin Williams, Bill Gates


They are healthy, happy, joyous and have a pleasant personality. Balanced, generous and sympathetic. Physically attractive and at peace with their family and the world. Passionate. Never desert their friends in hours of need. Unselfish and like the comforts of family and home but do not desire great wealth or are particularly ambitious beyond embracing their joy of a balanced life. Musical. Honest and truthful in their pure type. Read More

Mike Huckabee, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet , Kevin Costner John Travolta, Patrick Swayze ,George Clooney, Elvis Presley,Magic Johnson, Brittany Spears, Justin Beber, Randy Jackson

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