Here Comes the Leader!

Many Jupiterians are found between the covers of Fortune 500.   They are ambitious and the leader of men and are designed to command.  They have great ambition, pride of their position in society, are confident and attractive, naturally religious.  Despite their vanity, they are warm hearted and this is exhibited by their feeling for humanity. Generosity is one of their traits.  Often extravagant in their lifestyle.

Professions: They have a love for high positions, are CEO’S, politicians, military commanders, Religious Leaders.

Physical Characteristics:
They are of medium height, not the tallest of the types (that is usually the Saturnian), neither are they the shortest (those are the Mercurians). They are strongly built, fleshy but not fat, large boned. They have squarely set shoulders.

Facial Characteristics: Jupiterians have large, expressive eyes with mild expressions to their face showing kindness of spirit. They tend to have straight noses with slightly fuller lips and larger mouths, strong white teeth and cheekbones are not prominent. Their chin is firm, sometimes dimpled. Their hair is darker brown or chestnut normally (thought there are a few blond Jupiterians). It may fall out early in life. Their voice is musical, deep and rich and moves others to be inspired to have an alliance with them.

Health: Jupiterians have a tendency to overeat and enjoy their wine which can lead to digestive issues. Their vigorous constitution benefits them. They always have to be conscious of their weight as they are not driven to exercise.

Colors: They favor royal blue, burgundy, regal and rich colors.

Lifestyle: An elegant and stately home in a desired neighborhood, Mercedes and BMWs and the trappings of a successful lifestyle. Jupiterians are comfortable in a country clubs environment, golf and sailing are on their agenda. They enjoy entertaining on a large scale, stock their home with fine wines and gourmet foods. Generally taking full advantage of the benefits of their success. Often they open their home to charitable causes and fundraising events as they are generous in supporting organizations. This is a generalization as there are some Jupiterians that do not pursue the limelight and live a quieter lifestyle but are confident in their success and the power it offers.

Faults: There are no ‘good” or “bad” personality types. However, each type tends to have faults that are in keeping with their overall personality. In the case of the Jupiterian they tend to be too extravagant and their egos will allow them to live beyond their means. They depend on themselves and do not always ask advice and counsel of others. They can be domineering and dictatorial, are predisposed to overeating and overindulging. They are often unhappily married as they concentrate on their achieving success and position. In some cases they are overbearing, selfish and in the extreme despotic. This is not a type that has tendencies to depression or suicide as they have strong mental constitutions.

Remember, character analysis of each type is not “all or nothing”
and it has a sliding scale of traits.
It is simply an overall guide to a general personality and behavior pattern.


Many of the types are mixed and so they share character traits of both blended personalities which either soften or enhance their type.

Some examples of public figures and celebrities who would be in this personality type and share many of the characteristics described above.
John F. Kennedy Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior, Sarah Palin, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King (mixed), Douglas MacArthur, Franklin Roosevelt,  Diane Keaton, Herman Cain, Simon Cowell, Governor Christy, Randy Jackson, Martha Stewart, Meryl Streep, John Wayne (mixed with Martian), President Bill Clinton(mixed with Apollo), Mitt Romney(mixed with Saturnian), Barack Obama who is primarily Saturnian with Jupitarian, Mitt Romney is Jupiterian mixed with Saturnian, Prince William, Princess Diana was Jupiterian and Saturnian, Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump (mixed with Martian), George Washington


All pictures are of individuals in the public eye and are utilized purely as recognizable examples of the specific types. Those individuals in the photographs do not endorse or should be considered as an implied endorsement of Personality Predictors.

Photos Credits:
John F. Kennedy —thatsmymop/Shutterstock.com
Meryl Streep —Simon James / Shutterstock.com
Prince William —Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com
Mitt Romney— Christopher Halloran
Martin Luther King—rook76 / Shutterstock.com

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