Marcia_ScreenofFacesOPTIt is a long standing belief that major personality makeovers are not possible according to most psychologists. We unconsciously follow the script written in our genes since birth. The basic construction of our unique personality is set by our DNA, but we can utilize the cards we are dealt to improve on many aspects of our character traits.

Even though we cannot change the blueprint of our personality, many of the character traits of a personality can be enhanced and tempered. The basic nature of our personalities cannot be altered, however you can develop some sought after qualities that will improve who you are and how you interact with others and provide richness and fulfillment to your life.

First you must start with identifying your personality type determined by your facial and body composition.  It’s not hard.   Take a look at the types and see which one you identify with

Once you have identified your personality type, make an honest assessment of your character traits to determine how they have affected your relationships.  Then you can begin your personality “makeover”.  It is up to you to decide what your goals are and what areas of your personality you want to improve by taking a look at who you are, what your strength and weakness’ are, how you project to others and mostly what you can realistically do to reinvent image and the pattern of your behavior within the framework of your nature.

Each and everyone of the 7 personality types strive to be successful in life, joyful, and liked by others.  There are some common ways they can accomplish this, most are obvious.  These are the improvements everyone type can strive for which will be more difficult for some of the 7 personalities than others:  Optimism and a positive outlook on life, socialize more and purse new friendships,  engaging and contributing to conversations by expanding your interest in a broader range of topics,develop more tolerance and empathy to others supporting them in their goals, overlooking slights and not holding grudges (you know, the tried and true adages about “life is too short” and “do not burn bridges”).  Remind yourself that you should be accepting of others faults and tolerate and embrace their differences.  A wide circle of friends with a variety of viewpoints provides the spice in our lives.  Never lose your sense of humor along the way.  The bonus is that you can also look at others and know in advance what type of person you are interacting with, so it makes it easier to deal with others by learning how to identify their personalities.

Remember, we are all unique, no matter what your personality type there is a sliding scale of traits that are either dominant or recessive in each type that contribute to the blueprint and construction of a personality.  It depends on where you are on the scale.

A Quick Review to help you identify YOUR Personality Type


A “How To” guide to Quickly Know Each Type

A Summary of Each Type’s Face and Body Characteristics

The 7 personality types are determined by observing the physical characteristics of the combined Face and Body features that are used to identify the enduring character and temperament of an individual.  These 7 personality types evolved over the centuries through the practice of Physiognomy which is the art of judging human character from facial features and body types.  It is not hard to recognize the differences once you learn the guidelines.  They will become obvious to you.

You must first learn to read and recognize the different facial features and body type combined of a person to determine which of the 7 personality types they match.  Then you will be able to further refine your analysis of the person by observing individual facial characteristics that refine each type. It helps if you study the photo examples on the website. Additionally, learning the basics of Palmistry to further refine each type by the shape of the hand and the type of fingers is an area to explore once you decide which personality type is the best fit.  They are clues as to where a person falls within the personality type as it is a sliding scale of character traits that need to be refined.

For best results in deciding what personality type an individual is: 

FIRST: If someone is sitting or standing across from you, trust your observation based on the website personality types you reviewed and the 7 Personality Type photos and make a quick assessment of their overall body type, the rest will follow.  If you aren’t certain, you can eliminate the personality types you are certain they do not match.

THEN: Look again more carefully. Look at the body shape first: Are they tall and thin, short and stout, wirey and small boned….this will quickly give you a clue to the matching personality.  It is of primary importance as each personality has its own distinctive body shape.

Look at the whole face . It relates to the body type. Determine the shape of the face and the overall impression which is better than examining individual features.  You can do that later.


Quick Review of the 7 Personality Types and Helpful Guide.

Look at the photos of the personality types the website to see excellent examples of each one of the types. www.personalitypredictors/personalitytypes



Jupiterian Type:

(Here Comes the LEADER)

Body Type:  They are of medium height and build.  They would be heavier rather than slender and would have an upright straight shouldered posture with a confident stance.  The Fortune 500 is populated with this type, but they are leaders in all areas of life. If their eyes are deep set they would be thinkers and philosopher and lead in areas of religion and science.

Facial Features:  A Jupiterian has large expressive eyes.  They tend to have straight noses, slightly fuller lips with a firm and sometimes dimpled chin.  Their hair is often brown or chestnut but can be blond.

MINI FACE LIFT:  Try to spend more time enjoying the benefits of your success and ease up on being a workaholic.  Clear your schedule and take time to appreciate your friends and family outside of your business circle. 



Saturnian Type:

(The Loner)

Body Type:   They are the tallest and thinnest of all of the types.  They have narrow body frames.  Some Saturnians are slightly stooped and have poor posture, but not all.  They have high shoulders and long arms.  Their hands are thin and narrow as well with knotty fingers.

Facial Features:  Saturnians have an oblong face, thin not round and Saturnians often have what would be best described as a “hatchet shaped” face.  Their cheekbones are high and prominent and their eyes are often deep set close to their brows.  The most common color would be a deep brown.  They have a sad and subdued expression. Their neck has a protruding Adams apple as they age.

Overall Saturnians have a “Lincolnesque” appearance.

MINI FACE LIFT –  Socialize, come out of your cocoons  Find tolerance for other peoples ideas and look at their side of the issues that may not be in sync with your agenda.  Above all, smile and enjoy the humorous aspects of life that you view as serious.  A little humanity goes a long way.



Lunarian Type

(Creative Dreamers)

Body Type:  They are usually tall, soft, fleshy with a non-muscular body that appears rounded, no sharp angles. Lunarians have large hands and feet.  They are apt to walk with a slow gait, almost appearing to be shuffling since their arches are not high.

Facial Features: A round head, large in size which is broad through the temples. They have a very pale almost white complexion.  Lunarians have fine light colored hair which is usually straight and does not have body.  Eyes are rounded, sometimes heavy lidded, occasionally they are bulging slightly, but the important thing is that they are pale in color and do not sparkle. Their eyes could be described as luminous.  Their nose is small and sometimes turns up at the end like a pug nose.  Lips are small, somewhat pursed and their teeth are large and long.  Since the Lunarians are fleshy they can, as they age, develop a flabby neck and double chin.  Visualize Elton John, Alfred Hitchcock.

MINI-FACE LIFT-  You have a talent for storytelling and a wonderful wit.  You can be a brilliant speaker.  Consider joining a group that shares your interest in writing, literature or travel where you can participate beyond your mental world and express your unique viewpoints.



Martian Type

(Focused Courageous)

Body Type: Medium height, squarely built frame with no defined waistline and erect posture.  They are muscular with a thick neck and smaller head as well as a broad chest.

TheMartians have very strong muscular legs which are shorter in proportion to their body.

Facial Features:  Martians have a round or square face.  Their skin is often ruddy and thicker in texture.  Importantly, their eyes are one of their most telling features.  They are small and round and piercing as though they were staring through you.  Most often brown in color.  Their nose is either long and straight or a Roman nose.  Other features are a broad chin and small ears close to the head. If you were to look at their hands you would likely find shorter fingers in proportion to the palm and thickness to their palm with straight non flexible thumbs.  They have strong resonant voices and their voice can be raspy.

MINI- FACELIFT   Slow down, take a deep breath before you jump to conclusions  and take actions you will regret.  Soften the intensity that dominates your personality since Martians have a strong tendency to be domineering and overbearing at times.  A little diplomacy and tolerance of others viewpoints will endear you to your friends and family.



Apollo Type

(The Lucky Ones)

Body Type:  They are medium in size, handsome, shapely, somewhat muscular (but not like the Martian type), athletic looking but not fleshy or heavy. Their body has graceful curves and they are light and supple when they move along with a spring in their step. They have high arches and well proportioned legs.  If you were to observe their hand structure their fingers are longer in proportion to the palm with rounded tips, not knotty.

A telling feature is that the thumb of the Apollo is generally curved which is historically and indication of an adaptable and social personality.  Apollos are often fair rather than dark though some ethnic groups with darker skin tone have their share of Apollos.  In those cases you can determine if they are an Apollo personality  by the sparkle in their eyes and overall body characteristics.

Facial Features: Apollos are often fair with a slightly rosy tone to their skin and wavy blond hair rather than dark hair, though ethnic groups with darker skin tone have their share of Apollos.  In those cases you can determine if they are an Apollo personality  by the sparkle in their eyes and overall body characteristics. The eyes of an Apollo are large, almond shaped, light in color, brilliant and sparkling and have a frank, open expression.  Their cheeks are full and their chins rounded with a finely shaped nose.

MINI-FACELIFT  You have extensive circle of friends and an abundance of charisma.  Share these admirable traits with your friends but do not allow the admiration that comes so easily to you  allow you to develop an ego or become a narcissist. Keep extravagance under control.  Let others share the limelight.



(Fame and Fortune)

Body Type:   Mercurians being the quickest and most adroit mentally of all types have smaller frames, wirey in composition with even proportioned limbs and small feet.  They are thinner rather than heavy but have been known to gain weight as they age.  Overall they are tidy in appearance, compactly built.  They have smaller hands with flexible fingers representing their elasticity of mind.

Facial Features:  One of the features that quickly identifies most Mercurians are their ears.  They often are close to their head and slightly pointed at the top rather than rounded.  Their face is oval in shape with a somewhat pointed and small chin.  Their eyes are small, round and piercing and turn up at the corners ever so slightly.  When speaking with you their eyes appear to be looking through you as they have an intense expression. Noses vary in size and shape, they can either be thin or Roman, but never a pug nose.

MINI-FACELIFT:  Be patient with others.  You have a lightening quick mind and expect them to quickly be in step with you, but other personalities do not share this trait.  Remain calm and allow yourself to not expect perfection in all things.  You have a high strung, restless and  nervous nature and would benefit from relaxation and meditation for balance which will improve your health and reduce your self imposed stress.




(Balanced and Beautiful)

Body Type: Medium height, graceful and shapely body.  They are not overly muscular and have an overall healthy appearance.  Venusians have a tendency to become heavier.  Their legs are long, they have high rounded hips and smaller feet.  Since they are a joyous personality they walk with elasticity in their step.  Venusians palms are full, rounded and have fingers that are thicker but their skin is soft in texture and not coarse.

Facial Features: Venusians have a pleasant expression.  Their face is round or oval with no prominent cheekbones and dimples are common.  Their forehead is free of lines and they do not develop crows feet by their eyes until very late in life.  The eyes of the Venusian are large, round or almond shaped with long lashes.  They are expressive and reveal their kind nature and humanity.  Noses tend to be larger rather than smaller and often they have broad nostrils.  Their lips and mouth are almost bow like in appearance with a pleasant shape.  Many leading men and women in the theatre are Venusians because their overall appearance is in harmony with this type.

MINI-FACELIFT –  You are a balanced, generous and kind personality and love to “do for others” which can overwhelm your schedule and create chaos.  You have to remind yourself that you cannot please everyone all of the time.  Consider setting aside some “you” time and limiting your self-imposed obligations to family and friends before taking on too many proje


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